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  1. Box of 15 Tatsoul Wrath Nexus 30mm Disposable Tubes - Angled Round

Box of 15 Tatsoul Wrath Nexus 30mm Disposable Tubes - Angled Round


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Wrath Nexus Tubes are designed to be comfortable to use and to provide maximised ink flow and the best needle support.

The 30 mm grips are made from a unique, gel-like material, which absorbs the vibrations of your tattoo machine and is comfortable to hold. The grips are extended over the tip, which give you more control by letting you get closer to the skin. The grips are moulded directly on the tube preventing the grips from spinning.

The tips are semi-transparent, which means you can keep an eye on the ink in the reservoir and check the ink flow. The smooth contours of the tips ensure that the needle will not snag when you insert it into the tip, so you won't waste any needles or risk damaging the skin needlessly. The tips are also very thin and keep the distance between the needle and the skin to a minimum, allowing you to create the most precise artwork.

The Wrath Nexus tubes come individually packaged and EO sterilised.

The Wrath Nexus with an Angled Round Tip are available in sizes 03, 05, 07, 09, 11 and 14.

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