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  1. Tintenkillah Vinyl & Plastic Surface Cleaner 500ml

Tintenkillah Vinyl & Plastic Surface Cleaner 500ml


Saatavuus: Varastossa

29,88 €

Tintenkillah is a special cleansing and care product for all vinyl and plastic surfaces, like you can find on the Tadoo Ergonomic Chairs. It cleans and protects vinyl surfaces from oxidation, protect against drying out and prevents cracking. Tintenkillah removes tattoo ink and other dirt and builds an invisible protective film on the vinyl.


  • Spray directly onto the affected surface. Wait 3-5 minutes - do not wait until surface is dry! Clean down with a soft absorbent or smooth microfiber cloth.
  • In case of heavy soiling or dried up ink, use a smooth brush: spray onto the surface and brush the surface in circular motions. Clean down as described in above. Repeat these steps until surface is clean.

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