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Tatuointisäiliöt FAQ's

How To Use Tattoo Cartridges? Tattoo cartridges can be simply taken out their sterile packaging and fitted directly into your tattoo machine. When finished, it’s easy to remove the cartridge and another one can be popped in its place, reducing time changing configurations, which means more time for your art. If you need different needles and configurations for individual pieces of work, you’ll find that you can save a lot of time by using a variety of tattoo cartridges rather than switching out needles.
How To Fill Tattoo Cartridge With Ink? Dip the tip of the cartridge into a filled ink cap while your tattoo machine is running to draw ink up and into the cartridge. Clear cartridges have the benefit of allowing you to see exactly how much ink you’ve managed to draw up and keep an eye on how much is in there, but it’s important that you ensure any cartridge isn’t too full of ink to function correctly!
How To Clean Tattoo Cartridges? Simply, with water! When you’re setting up your workstation and measuring your ink into caps, make sure to pop a cup of distilled water alongside them. When you want to change colour, or just need to clean excess ink or bodily fluids from the cartridge, dip the running machine into the water for a few seconds, being careful not to touch the sides, as this can bend the needles. Then take a paper towel, and with the machine off, dry off the cartridge. You can also use products like DipCaps which contain a foam that will quickly absorb the ink on the needles and saves any paper cloth clumps getting stuck in your needles!
Can You Reuse Tattoo Cartridges? If you’re working on one client and need to change out needle cartridges throughout the session, it is acceptable to reuse the same tattoo cartridge. After all, you might start with a liner, do some shading and then want to finish with more lining - so long as this all happens within the same session, and you place them in a cartridge tray when not in use, you’ll be fine! What you must never do is reuse a tattoo cartridge on a different person or during another sitting. Just like with needles, tattoo cartridges are single-use products and using them on more than one client can easily transmit bacteria and even viruses like HIV and hepatitis. Once you’ve finished a session, every single cartridge you’ve used should be disposed of in the correctly labelled yellow sharps bin!

Killer Ink supplies every type of tattoo cartridge that you could ever need to produce the perfect tattoo. All tattoo cartridges we stock in our online shop are of the highest quality and perfect for a range of tattooing styles, whether you're lining, shading or colour packing.

Our line-up of tattoo cartridges includes Round Liners, Round Shaders, Magnums, Soft-Edge Magnums, and Flats, with various sizes, diameters and needle types available, from brands including Killer Ink, Cheyenne, KWADRON, Magic Moon, DarkLab, and Stigma-Rotary®.

All tattoo cartridges come sterilised and fully comply with industry regulations. The ability to quickly change cartridge configurations will save time and money during tattooing sessions.

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