The new kids on the block in tattooing, wireless tattoo machines have brought a cordless revolution to the rotary market, with many of the most renowned brands introducing their own versions.

We’re going to run through the best wireless tattoo machines to order from Killer Ink Tattoo in 2022 to help you cut the cord and join the wireless revolution!

What are the Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2022?

When it comes to finding the best wireless tattoo machine, it boils down to your preferences, as different rotaries will offer a variety of adjustment options that will be better for your way of working and tattooing style.

If you do need more information regarding our wireless tattoo machines range, make sure to get in touch with us today and our team will be able to help find the best one for you!

Spektra Flux

The Spektra Flux is the follow on from the much-lauded Xion rotary and the first wireless tattoo machine from the guys behind FK Irons and DarkLab.

Powering the Spektra Flux is a detachable battery known as a PowerBolt, which allows tattoo artists to run their machine wirelessly without the need for cables or power supplies.

The PowerBolt is interchangeable, so artists can quickly and easily switch to an auxiliary battery when the charge runs out, meaning that you can keep working with no issues! It offers fast charging speeds of up to 1.5 Amps and a run time lasting up to 10 hours, depending on the type of cartridge and voltage used.

The PowerBolt on the Spektra Flux has three buttons: one to turn the wireless machine on/off and two to adjust the voltage quickly and easily. Press the up and down arrows to change the voltage of the rotary in 0.5 V increments or decrements from 5 to 12 V.

The Spektra Flux is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing tattooists to pair it with DarkLab's app and Hover power supply. You can use the DarkLab app to wirelessly update the Flux with the latest firmware.

A direct drive tattoo machine that offers no give and a 4 mm stroke, the Spektra Flux excels in lining, shading and colour packing, and is also very quiet to run and creates minimal vibration.

Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is the next step in the evolution of Cheyenne's popular SOL Nova rotary and its first wireless tattoo machine.

Cheyenne's wireless pen-style rotary is powered by a rechargeable battery that will offer a minimum of five hours running time. The SOL Nova Unlimited comes with two batteries, along with a charger and cable, you can simply swap out the first and continue working while your other one is charging.

Operating the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is all done through a single button and motion control. The frequency of the SOL Nova Unlimited can be adjusted quickly and easily by holding the button down while tilting the machine. Tilt up to increase the frequency and down to decrease.

With a wide frequency bandwidth that ranges from 25 to 140 Hz, the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is perfect for a wide range of tattooing styles. Lower the frequency of the wireless tattoo machine for dotwork and realism or turn it up for fuller and more intense lines.

The wireless SOL Nova Unlimited offers two operating modes: Steady Mode and Responsive Mode. Steady Mode will result in your rotary machine running at a controlled speed, with no give and a consistent hard hit. With Responsive Mode, the frequency and hit of the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited will adjust depending on the surface you're tattooing - essentially emulating give.

Inkjecta Flite X1

The Inkjecta Flite X1 is a wireless, battery-powered rotary tattoo machine that is packed to the brim with innovative technology and offers a wealth of adjustment options.

As it’s completely wireless, tattoo artists don’t need cables or power supplies to run the Inkjecta Flite X1, allowing for maximum freedom of movement.

The Inkjecta Flite X1 is battery-powered and offers up to 8 hours of runtime. The rotary comes with two interchangeable and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, as well as a battery charger, so you can adjust the balance of the tattoo machine to suit your style and preferences.

You can quickly and easily adjust both the voltage and needle depth of your Inkjecta Flite X1, thanks to the intuitive on-board controls. To adjust the voltage from 4.5 to 16.5 V, press the corresponding button and tilt your wireless machine - right for a higher voltage, left for lower.

The two arrow keys on the body of the Flite X1 control the needle depth, so simply press one while working to adjust - even if you're using a fixed grip.

Within the Inkjecta Flite X1 is not one, but two custom nanotechnology motors - one for the drive and the other for the needle depth adjustment. Inkjecta’s wireless tattoo machine is also fully compatible with cams and needle bars from the widely-used Flite Nano range.

Stigma-Rotary® Force

The Stigma-Rotary® Force is a wireless pen-style tattoo machine that features a state-of-the-art and unique dual drive system.

Stigma-Rotary®’s wireless Force pen uses a custom, German-made Faulhaber brushless motor with dual shafts to push cartridge needles with precision and power, creating a superior “force” during tattooing.

This wireless tattoo machine also uses a dual cam mechanism for isometric operation and more robustness, providing many hours of non-stop runtime throughout each day while requiring zero maintenance.

The Stigma-Rotary® Force machine comes with a removable Power Pack that offers a built-in display and controls and will offer between six and 10 hours from a single charge. This Power Pack is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing tattoo artists to pair their wireless machine with Stigma®’s upcoming Pilot footswitch or mobile app (to unlock even more features).

Via the Power Pack, you can customise and adjust parameters, such as voltage, motion control, and the new digital give & boost feature, which allows you to set your Stigma® Force to hit softer or harder in three different levels.

Three variants of the Stigma-Rotary® Force are available, featuring one of the following stroke lengths: 2.8, 3.7 or 4.5 mm. The 2.8 mm stroke length is perfect for shading, the 3.7 mm version is a powerful all-rounder daily driver, and the 4.5 mm variant is ideal for lining and colour packing.

The latest version of Stigma-Rotary®'s wireless tattoo machine is the Force XL, which features a forward-weighted, 40 mm grip. By adding an XL grip, this wireless rotary is easier to hold for long tattooing sessions and assists the artist with the needles' pressure on the skin.

Equaliser Neutron

The Equaliser Neutron from KWADRON is a wireless, pen-style tattoo machine with 2 removable batteries, so no more cables or power supplies!

Equaliser's wireless Neutron tattoo machine has an aluminium housing and features a clear digital display and three buttons for operating the machine. The digital display shows the voltage (V), battery level (%) and the time that has elapsed since switching on the machine (resets every time you switch the Neutron off).

The Equaliser Neutron offers a voltage range of 5-12 V and is adjustable in 0.1 V steps, with 6-10 V being the recommended range.

This wireless tattoo machine comes with an aluminium grip with a 32 mm diameter, as well as two additional non-slip silicone grips (32 and 35 mm).

It has a 4.5 W motor, a 3.5 mm stroke, direct drive, and built-in Jump Start. The batteries offer up to 8 hours working time and will take around 2 hours to fully charge. The Equaliser Neutron comes with 2 removable batteries, so you can charge one while working with the other. A dual charger is also included in the box that allows you to charge both batteries simultaneously.

Compared to Equaliser's Wireless Pen V2, the Neutron tattoo machine has an updated Printed Circuit Board that is now more stable and damage-resistant. In addition, the rotary now lies more firmly in your hand thanks to the revised shape of the grips.

FK Irons EXO

The FK Irons EXO is the follow on from the US manufacturer’s Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine and offers unstoppable power, whether wired or wireless.

The EXO is fitted with the same 9-Watt brushless motor that features in the Flux. It’s ideal for colour packing and requires less passes to saturate ink, therefore reducing trauma to the skin.

FK Irons’ EXO rotary includes a 40 mm ergonomic grip, which makes it more comfortable to use during longer tattooing sessions. The grip is also forward-weighted, giving the EXO a pen-like feel that helps to eliminate wrist pain and allow for maximum needle control.

Available with one of three stroke lengths: 2.5, 3.2 and 4.0 mm, and can be used wired or wirelessly thanks to the interchangeable RCA Bolt and PowerBolt.